In the second

In the second In consciousness of the one who studies subjects with another's help as in a bag with the rags, delaying shoulders of the ragman, proofs of the theorem of Euclid and idea of Raphael's pictures are stored, geographical, historical data, rhetoric rules everything is equally indifferent and it is burdensome.

The same who uses all this in the life, finds wellbein ease, comfort among those subjects which for many remain only cargo in a bag of the ragman.

In the second case of a thing are not piled up in the closed bag without an order and the purpose, but are placed on all house, pure, cleaned.

Mind creating contains much more, than where knowledge artificially accumulates.

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If something

If something Many mobile toys are equipped with music.

Bright figures slowly moveunder simple, clear to the kid music.

The bright design of the toys suspended to a bed, draws attention of the kid At communication with the child behave naturally, and you will see, how it reveals before you.

Trust in the feelings.

If something guards you, consult with the doctor.

V JI WEEKAS THE KID MATUREDFOR the rd WEEKThe mass of a body makes kg of length of a body of cm CARE OF the CHILD AND ACCESSORIESFOR IT Artificial feeding of the kid The statistics shows that the majority of mothers prefer artificial feeding to the natural.

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Parent milk

Parent milk Second teeth of the child who was on chest feedin more equal, healthy.

Feeding by a breast can reduce risk of development at more adult age of youthful diabetes, a lymphoma and an illness Krone.

Parent milk contains components specific and inherent only in it which cannot be received from other food.

For example, chest milk contains the substance being primary structural basis of fat acids which participate in construction of a retina of an eye and gray substance of a brain.

During pregnancy the fruit receives this major substance through a placenta, and after the birth from parent milk.

Researches showed that children in which diet there was this difficult substance, have higher level of IQ intellectual development, than children who were on artificial feeding.

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In this plan

In this plan In this plan experience of the national is instructivecultures in which creation of base system of coordinates beganright after appearance of the baby on light.

On an example of the analysis of texts ~sky parent folklore we will get acquainted with traditional ~ help to the child in psychological structuring spaceworld around and understanding of the place in it.

And then we will consider, howindependent creation of model of the world on an example of nurseries ~ beginssunok when the child himself seizes the cultural tool in it is given ~number a case graphic language through which it expresses the on ~world order nimaniye.

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Offer a small

Offer a small The minimum term of feeding by a breast weeks from the moment of the birth of the child.

At first ask somebody to feed from members of the family the kid from a small bottle.

After all he got used that you give it a breast.

Offer the first small bottle when the child will not be hungry.

If to wait, when the child will get hungry, the unusual way of feeding can bring the kid into a stress condition.

Offer a small bottle gradually.

At first drip from a dummy some drops of milk on lips of the child.

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